BCBC Podcast – Polyamory with Pepper Mint

Join us for our third podcast in the Polyamory Series with Pepper Mint.


February is our month to celebrate Polyamory at the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show.  All month long you will be able to listen to different guests as we explore what Polyamory is and the various definitions our guests have for this.  However as a simple definition, polyamory is the state or practice of maintaining multiple sexual and/or romantic relationships simultaneously, with the full knowledge and consent of all the people involved.


Pepper MintPepper Mint is an organizer, activist, and educator in the polyamory and BDSM communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He has put on events like Poly Speed Dating, the Love Triangle dance club, and the OpenSF conference.  Recently Pepper has release a book on polyamory, “Playing Fair: a Guide to Nonmonogamy for Men Into Women”.  You can find his writings and presentation slides at www.freaksexual.com and www.pepperminty.com.

Check back once the podcast is released and we will have the link to the podcast release page here!

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