The Barnyard Podcasts and Nuggets

The BCBC Team records two Audio Only entertainment series.  The content and guests for these recordings is focused on a monthly topic.

The BCBC Podcasts and Nuggets


The BCBC Podcast

Podcasts are released every Tuesday (except the last Tuesday of a month).

Podcasts average between 45 and 75 minutes in length.  They always focus on a single guest but dig deeper into a topic.  We tag team on this one with a combination of hosts – you never quite know who will show up to help with getting the best story from our guests!


The BCBC Nuggets are just mini podcast!Nuggets are released every Thursday.  These are mini podcasts, typically lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, with a more targeted focus than our podcasts.  We keep it short so it is a teaser for you – let us know who you like and we will do what we can to bring them back!

Where do I find your Podcasts and Nuggets?

The BCBC show is on iTunes!The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show and Vodcast releases every recording ultimately as an Audio Only recording so that you can choose your preferred format for following us.  These are all found on iTunes or your favorite Podcast app.

You can also find links to these podcasts and nuggets on our website – just go to the Podcast and Nuggets pages for listings.