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Welcome to Miss Laura’s Corner – brought to you by Miss Laura the fourth Wednesday of every month.  Laura will bring you a range of different books, movies, plays, musical stylings and more – discussing these, focusing spotlights on a few projects she is passionate about, and giving your her thoughts and feedback.

This blog is intended as a place to discuss body, gender, and sex positivity in the media. This could include items in the news, books, movies, television series, games, or anything else that strikes my fancy. I may also discuss local events or possibly upcoming events in the Sacramento or Bay area. If you know of any upcoming events of interest or topics or media you would like covered, reach out below!

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Do you have a favorite book, movie, play, song?  Is it sex, bod, and/or gender positive in message?  Do you have thoughts, questions or feedback for Miss Laura on something she has reviewed?  Drop Miss Laura a message - she wants to hear from you!!! If you want an email returned to you, you must leave an email address here!