The Barnyard Blogs

Barnyard Blogs

The Team at the Brown Chicken Brown Cow show have a lot of passions and information to share with you.   In order to let everyone have their own voice – be it a moo, meow, bark, cluck, or whatever – we will be sharing new blog posts with you on Wednesdays.

First Wednesdays:  Monkey Chatter

Monkey Chatter

Monkey stole the keyboard and control of the first Wednesday’s of each month.  He will whisk you away with his thoughts, comments, opinions and more – usually around the topic of that month!


Second Wednesdays:  The Sex Positive Social Worker  The Sex Positive Social Worker

This is where you can partake of HethreBeth’s Ramblings, Advice, and General Manifesto for the New World Order!  She is a professional social worker and is passionate about sex education.  She welcomes your questions and will work to provide you with fun and informative information.


Third Wednesdays: F#@%ing Toys with David and Jessilee

Who knows what will happen when Jessilee and David get together.  They will explore the world of sex toys and all that goes with that – as Jessilee helps David learn more about this world. As an asexual identified individual, much of this is new to David. Since Jessilee and David are both comedians, we have no idea what will happen next but it will be fun and informative!

Fourth Wednesdays:  Miss Laura’s Corner

Welcome to Miss Laura's Corner

Miss Laura will take you on many adventures as she introduces you to books, movies, plays and other artistic expressions.  She will bring you different points of view and make you think a little.

Fifth Wednesdays:  Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes with the Professor and the Madame

There are not many 5th Wednesdays but when there are the Professor and the Madam spend a little time discussing what happens behind the scenes at the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show. They will share some suggestions if you are looking to create your own show, and answer questions that they may receive.