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Welcome to the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Barnyard!

We have a range of fun, educational entertainment to offer to you in our Barnyard!  Each month we have a different topic – with all of our shows working within that topic.  We understand that what we give you is a tasting of information but our goal is to provide you with good information, solid entertainment, and a few resources that you can go to for more information.


The BCBC Nuggets are just mini podcast! The BCBC Vodcast can be found on YouTube The BCBC Podcast





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And so much more.. keep visiting us to see what is next and check our calendar for upcoming topics, projects and general barnyard craziness!

Current and Upcoming Monthly Topics

In 2018
  • February:  Polyamory
  • March:  Legal, Financial, Medical, and Social Considerations
  • April: Sex Workers
  • May: Disabilities
  • June: LGBTQAI
  • July: Artists
  • August: Body Positivity
  • September: Consent
  • October: Gender Identities and Transformations
  • November: Sex, Body, and Gender Positive Parenting
  • December: Sex Toys:  Dildos, Vibrators, Lubes, Whips, and more – oh my!

If you see a topic coming down the road (we record at least 1 month before the program is aired so please keep that in mind) – and you either think you would be a good guest for our show, or you know someone who would be a good guest – PLEASE let us know!  We are always looking for good guests.  Podcasts and Nuggets are recorded through a web and phone interface – Vodcasts are recorded in Sacramento, CA on the third Sunday of the month.  Guests must be able to be in Sacramento for the vodcast recordings.

We are starting to plan for 2019.  Is there a topic that you would like to see us talk about?  Is there a topic we have covered you would like us to go into more detail on?  Please let us know!

Previous Monthly Topics

In 2018:
  • January:  Looking Back and Moving Forward
In 2017:
  • June/July:  No Topic – We just had some fun with our very first episodes
  • August:  Disability
  • September: Performance, Drag, and Burlesque
  • October: Kink
  • November: Spirituality and Sexuality
  • December:  Giving Back – A Focus on Fundraisers and Organizations