The Professor



The Professor is also known as Todd W. Spencer.  When he found his way into the movie theatre for Star Wars as a kid – he knew beyond a doubt that this was what he wanted to do with his life – create movies.  Todd first picked up a camera at the age of twelve and has continued working with images and light ever since.  His mischievous nature as a youth had him creating special effects and movies with his friends – some of his special effects so spectacular they may or may not be responsible for the start of urban legends in rural IL that still survive to this day.

The Professor has an IMDb page.The Professor’s experiences include co-producing a handful of critically acclaimed independent films and over ten years working in Los Angeles on hundreds of commercials and scores of musical and long-form videos. He has worked on over 30 feature films such as: Men In Black II, Spider-Man, What Lies Beneath, Stuart Little, Hollow Man, Contact, Starship Troopers, and Money Train.

The Professor’s skills encompass the entire spectrum of production and post-production work, even including such specialties as physical and digital special effects.  He creates masterpieces in the workshop, combining 3-D printing, electronic design and development, and finishing techniques.

The Professor is most definitely a fox.  He is very much a creature of the night, playful and curious in all things.  His agile mind is always active, though sometimes his sense of humor is a little on the subtle side.  He is a bit of a prankster as well, though he never means harm!

With all of that, all we can say is that if you see something in the videos of the BCBC show that makes you stop in your tracks (beyond the conversations) – we guarantee that the Professor had his hand in it.  If you want further proof, check out the Burlesque Dancers in our earlier Vodcast.  We promise you no graveyards were involved in the filming of the mysterious Persephone Pon Farr’s dancing, nor was there a stage with curtains around when the lovely Penny Weiss danced for us.


The Professor is one of the three wizards behind making the vodcast show, podcast show, and production team as effective and professional as possible.  He is an unspoken hero to our team, and works hard behind the curtain making sure there are no problems that cannot be handled.  Simply put – there would not be a show without the Professor!

The Professor, in addition to other things too many to list, is responsible for:

  • Technical Producer
  • Video Editing
  • Special Effects
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production including all visual and audio handling
  • Camera and Lighting Optimization
  • Coaching for Hosts and Guests for on camera performance improvements
  • Member of the Executive Team for Infrastructure Development, Organizational Planning, and Strategy
  • and whatever needs to be done!