Sean “Monkey” Makiney


Monkey’s personal life motto is ‘Funny First!’ and this has gotten him in trouble in the past.

The Ladies of Steampunk Magazine.

Monkey has been a radio talk show host, writer, dabbler in stand up comedy, magazine producer.  He was also the driving force in building a robust polyamory community in Sacramento, CA.  He got his start in radio and TV while in college and then worked in radio in Sacramento and Northeast Ohio through the 90s. In Ohio, Monkey began podcasting shows about technology and games.

You may not realized this – but Monkey produced a Steampunk magazine, the Ladies of Steampunk.  He actually produced two versions – a family friendly version and one with more adult content.  With the more adult content magazine he began working with models and artists.  It was during this time that he began playing in the sex positive world of print and video. The magazine allowed him to work with famous models, porn stars, sex workers, and boudoir-style websites.  Monkey has long been appreciative of the art and independence found in sexual expression.

Monkey is openly polyamorous and helped to build the polyamory community in Sacramento, California. For over six years he facilitated monthly discussion groups for individuals and couples interested in sharing and learning more about the poly lifestyle.  After years of learning from the community, making his own mistakes while learning and laughing about it, he found himself ready to challenge himself and everyone else to explore the world of sex, fetishes, relationships, music, and humor.

Monkey is the inspiration behind the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show – and has worked hard to bring together a team that works well together to bring a little bit of insanity, a lot of information, and a great deal of fun to our listeners, viewers, and audience.


The Monkey wears many hats.  He is the face of the BCBC Show, and the creative genius behind the original idea.  However, he also puts his every effort into improving the show and planning for the future every day.  Just a few of the bananas he has in his hands include:

  • Executive Producer
  • Host
  • Sponsorship
  • The Blushing Monkey
  • Media Relationships
  • Public Outreach
  • Marketing
  • Member of the Guest Coordination Team
  • Member of the Executive Team for Infrastructure Development, Organizational Planning, and Strategy
  • and whatever needs to be done!