Madame Alchemia



Madame Alchemia, or the Madame, is also known as Lee Asplund.  She is a proud nerd and geek, and jokes that the Professor conned her into joining the BCBC team but she would have it no other way.  Working closely with both the Professor and the Monkey, she likes to believe she is the sane one of the crew (although it is doubtful that others would agree).

The Madame has worked in non-profit organizations for a very long time, serving as a volunteer and board member.  She has worked in roles ranging from strategic development and planning, longevity planning, volunteer management, fundraising, education, outreach and marketing.  These skills and experiences have helped her work with the Professor and the Monkey on growing the Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show and Podcast as we move forward.

In addition to volunteering for so many years, the Madame holds her degrees in Chemistry (Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry for those who play from home), and has worked in the field of scientific instrumentation since graduation using sales, marketing, technical support, and science to provide solutions to companies, organizations, and individuals over the years.  She has worked for large and small companies and is quite adept at changing from one role to another to make things happen.

As far as looking at her barnyard animal, the Madame is all cat!  She has a small adorable and fierce kitten inside but otherwise she is all tiger – confident and elegant.  She is an excellent host – there is no such thing as a casual party or gathering in her home.  Getting the Madame to sit still, just like her tiger barnyard animal, is a challenge – she is pretty much always on the move.  She is fiercely protective of her family and those she claims as her own…

As a note to finish on, the Madame has an innate skill to make the Monkey blush – it is amazing what a simple glance can do to fluster Sean.  It is always in good fun and has become quite the came of the Cat and the Monkey (where the Monkey stands in for the mouse in the traditional game).


The Madame is one of the three wizards behind making the vodcast show, podcast show, and production team as effective and professional as possible.  She likens her job to being a cat herder, trying to keep things organized to support her team being successful.  Helping the show flow and move in the moment is a very tough job and the Madame makes it look easy and helps keep us all on time and stay in the moment.

The Madame, in addition to other things too many to list, is responsible for:

  • Line Producer
  • Chief Monkey Blusher
  • Website Development, Design and Upkeep
  • Sponsorships
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics and Promotions
  • Podcast Production and Editing
  • Set Setup
  • Coaching for Hosts and Guests for on camera performance improvements
  • Member of the Guest Coordination Team
  • Member of the Executive Team for Infrastructure Development, Organizational Planning, and Strategy
  • and whatever needs to be done!