About Us

The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show and Vodcast was the brain child of Sean “Monkey” Makiney.  He envisioned a show and podcast that would bring some great information on sex positivity.  Partnering with the Professor, the duo started to work on getting the show going.

When the Professor and Monkey get together - it is time for mad science!

The first step was to find some great hosts to add to the show, and then start the work to find guests and start recording the show.  It became quickly apparent that simply looking at Sex Positivity was not enough – the team at BCBC felt strongly that the message and goals of the show needed to extend to embrace the sex, gender and body positive topics for adults.

Together we work hard on bringing quality programming on topics around Sex, Body, and Gender Body Positivity.  We try to make sure every episode is a balance of great educational information and fun entertainment.  Additionally we love to showcase local area entertainers on our shows – comedians, singers, dancers, spoken word artists and so much more!

The Brown Chicken Brown Cow Show & Podcast team!

If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of, as a guest, as a member of our team, as a sponsor, or in offering suggestions on improvement – please reach out to us!  We are here for our listeners and audience members and we are committed to looking for new and better ways to entertain and educate you!